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It’s an important decision that a man faces for one of the biggest days of his life. Your Bride will have done everything to look her absolute best for that special day, you want to look your very best too.

With today’s more relaxed attitudes, purchasing a suit as a formal attire can be sufficient. You pay once and you look and feel great on that day and other occasions following after. In terms of renting, you find yourself paying every time you need a suit for a special occasion. Black is still the most popular colour for a formal wedding but depending on season and location, other colours have been popular.

A formal wedding calls for a tuxedo, and if you see yourself attending other formal functions in the future, purchasing would make good sense. If not, renting would seem to be the best choice. If you decide to purchase, we offer an extensive selection of finer quality suits and tuxedos in stock, by special order or custom made.

As a Wedding Day special, we offer a group suit package for a party of four or more, priced at $449.00 each. Tailored to fit perfectly, alterations included. This exceptional suit in our stock normally sells for $695.00 and is available in Black, Navy, Steel Blue, Grey and Silver Grey. Off the rack in-stock suits start at $695.00, rental tuxedos and suits price range from $139 to $229.99.

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