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Coming Soon...Uomo Casuale going to E-Commerce.

Uomo Casuale Online

After 50 years of working for high-end men's clothing stores and manufacturers in Europe and Canada, Master Tailor Felice Ferriello decided in 1991 to open a small retail store at the edge of Little Italy located at 610 Corydon Avenue. A lot has changed over these years for Uomo Casuale, and we are very excited to let you know that Uomo Casuale will be going through another significant change.

Master Tailor Felice has decided to take some time off to look after his health and be with his family, and Uomo Casuale will be relocating to a virtual store online found at Our building at 610 Corydon Ave will remain open under a new business tenant, so we want to take the opportunity to welcome Redeemed The Consignment Place.

Uomo Casuale still has some suits and sports jackets